USADA is publishing its report on the doping allegations involving Lance Armstrong today. Here’s the WaPo reporting on it.

I don’t care whether he doped or not. If he didn’t, I feel very bad him. If he did, I would really like him to admit to it and get behind doping, in general, so that we can start to engineer superhumans more effectively. I would like to take drugs and become more than I am today.

But here’s the thing about USADA that just kills me: they say stupid stuff. From the WaPo article:

““The U.S.P.S. Team doping conspiracy was professionally designed to groom and pressure athletes to use dangerous drugs, […]”

Uh, tell me again how dangerous those drugs are. Oh, right, nobody that used them was injured as a result. Not only were they not injured, but they set amazing records. Dangerous…right…

-JD Cross