Mark P brings us this nice news tidbit: there is a Wyndham hotel (and apparently others) in Florida that is offering women-only products/services. I think this is great*. But it cannot be denied that this is discrimination. Note that we’re not talking about products/services that are tailors toward women but available to anybody; these are apparently only purchasable if you are a woman (not all of the examples in the link are so exclusive, but some are).

-JD Cross

* I think it’s great because, while discriminatory, it reflects the real property rights of the property owners to do with their property what they see fit. Now, it might happen not to be legal (a question Mark asks in his post). If that’s the case, then it’s too bad. That would be a violation of property rights even if it is a victory for anti-discrimination.

Put another way: all trade ought to be free and that includes the freedom not to trade.