Again from Mark P, but this time a different angle: how many people without health care insurance are without voluntarily?  Answer: the majority. Which begs the question: does Obamacare really solve any problem?

Also: given the skewed economics of most health care insurance, and given that most of the developed world provides government-sponsored insurance, and given that the US, prior to Obamacare did not, what does that say about the ability of individuals to choose wisely for themselves versus having the government choose for them? This is an important question in light of the numbers Mark P shows in the above link. Over half of all uninsured US households could afford healthcare but don’t buy it. 1/3 of US households that don’t have health care insurance could easily afford it but don’t buy it. Yet, the government is now forcing these people to buy it via Obamacare. Who knows better what’s best for these people? Themselves or BO?

-JD Cross