Fisker, Tesla, and are defending Fisker and Tesla against the f-bomb (“failure”) that Romney dropped on them a few days ago.

The thing is, the rebuttal is bogus. While it certainly is true that Fisker and Tesla haven’t failed yet, it is also true that they haven’t succeeded. Tesla says it will be cash flow positive in two months. But it’s not cash flow positive today and two months from now is a prediction. They’ve already failed many times in making their predictions come true.

Saying that the world is a certain way or that it will be a certain way does not make the world a certain way. Senator Beal and Commissioner McGrady tried this. They failed. Reality is what it is, independent of human proclamations.

And you can’t, as a means of effective debate, say: X said Y, which is (perhaps) not true, so we’re going to say A, B, and C (all of which are unrelated to Y), and thereby refute Y. Romney being wrong does not mean that Fisker, Tesla, and Wired can say other stupid things and thereby be right.

-JD Cross