Wired.com feigns to take Romney to task for calling the Tesla a loser during the debate.

“So calling Tesla a loser might be one of those “zingers” that everyone looks for in these kind of debates, but it’s certainly not a way to win the respect of the tech world.”

The thing is, the Tesla is a loser. Nobody wants it. Building stuff that people don’t want should not be the goal of the tech world. That Detroit has given up on electric vehicles reflects that Detroit believes nobody wants these vehicles. Detroit knows something about cars. Silicon Valley? Not so much. Maybe that’s because there is some kind of revolution coming. Maybe. But dare I say, it’s doubtful.

The Wired reporter is wrong: Mitt was right to call the car a loser and he shouldn’t lose any tech world “respect” for doing so. Everybody should be calling the car – the entire class of electric vehicles – what it is so that we can start allocating our resources more wisely. Wasting money is not the road to prosperity.

-JD Cross