George Will offers some questions for the debate.

Here are my three favorite, all on the topic of free trade.

For Romney: You envision “countervailing duties” to punish China for manipulating the value of its currency. Do the “quantitative easings” by Ben Bernanke’s Federal Reserve, which vastly expanded the money supply, constitute currency manipulation? Would duties increasing the prices Americans pay for Chinese imports violate your vow to not raise taxes?

For Obama: Your campaign boasts about increasing the number of unfair-trade charges against China. How would Americans’ welfare be enhanced by raising the prices they pay for consumer goods and production materials from China?

For both: You are correct that China subsidizes politically connected businesses. Does not our Export-Import Bank do this?

The reason these three constitute my favorite is because they show, through the equivalency of each action/reaction proposed in the rhetorical question the equivalence of the candidates. Romney and BO are both stupid and counterproductive when it comes to free trade; both are in the game of hurting consumers and lavishing favor upon politically connected corporate friends. It is Rainy Day Boots.

One of the many (and there are many) good reasons for not voting is that Romney and BO are basically the same (at least when it comes to substance; and certainly they would/will be when it comes to implementation given the limitations of the Presidency to implement broad policy).

-JD Cross