Here is a TechCrunch article that may be of interest to Pandora listeners. The article very succinctly describes the Radio Fairness Act and why Pandora is trying to get its listeners to support the Act.

Do I listen to Pandora? Yes. Do I listen to any other kind of radio? No. Am I going to support the Radio Fairness Act? … … … wait for it … No.

Say what? Why not?

Because it’s not fair. To be fair, nothing about the current radio licensing laws are fair. But that doesn’t mean we need another unfair law. What’s not fair about any of the laws, including the Radio Fairness Act? Namely, that they legislate the price of content. The price of content should be left for the market to decide, not for legislators to determine by fiat. Everything about the Radio Fairness Act (and the other laws that set the price of spectrum and content) is just crony capitalism. It’s disgusting.

As a general bullshit filter, I find that it is generally a good idea – and rational – not to support anything remotely related to the government if it involves the word or concept “fair”. Senator Ivy delivers an entire speech on the topic of government fairness not being fair. Read it. 

-JD Cross