George Will brings us this portrait of Mia Love, a black woman who just might win a Republican house seat in Utah, one of the most racially and culturally homogeneous states in the US:

“Fourteen years ago, they moved to this state, where blacks were then about 1 percent of the population, and had three children. In 2009, she was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs, a suburb of 18,000 that grew 1,700 percent between its incorporation in 1997 and the housing crash in 2008, after which Mayor Love governed like this: When constituents said they needed a library, she found $10,000 and suggested volunteers do the rest: “I intended to see if they really wanted a library.” They have one.”

Yes. Yes. Yes. That is how one ought to govern.

People can help themselves. People don’t need government getting in the way.

This is perhaps the only post on this blog’s ~700 posts that presents a story about how government is working the proper way. This is how Joseph Ivy would do it. This is the right way to do it.

-JD Cross