As was to be expected from campaign season, we are swimming in nationalism right now. This time Don Boudreaux takes BO to task for pandering to a few politically connected businesses at the expense of many Americans.

This works because it sounds good – buy American and protect American jobs. But while it might sound good, it is not good.

It’s really really really bad economic policy. And it hurts most Americans. And it’s horribly inefficient. If you’re an environmentalist – or more specifically, somebody that cares about conserving resources – then you should be against duties, tariffs, import taxes, anti-dumping of any kind by any country against any other country. These represent friction – money wasted – in the system.

-JD Cross

“Better the pride that resides / in a citizen of the world / than the pride that divides / when a colorful flag is unfurled”

-Neil Peart, Territories