The CEO of Whole Foods discusses paying Whole Foods’ employees more than minimum wage.

Here’s an editorial-ish quip by the author/interviewer:

“(Importantly, this is not a “skill” issue. Plenty of these jobs require just as much skill as operating a particular machine on an assembly line.)”

Actually, yes, this is a skills issue. And the fact is the skills just aren’t more valuable than $15/hour. If they were, then people would not take the jobs (unless they were paid more).

Or, let’s say the author is correct, that Whole Foods jobs require comparable skill to that of assembly line workers. Then that means that assembly line workers should get paid less (they should be paid what Whole Foods workers are paid; that’s the market clearing price). Oh, but they can’t get paid less. Why not? They’re unionized. And what’s the net result of that? That those unionized workers are being paid too much. Money is being wasted. There are people with comparable skills (they work at Whole Foods) who could the same work for less. Talk about unearned wages…

-JD Cross