The CPSC wants to ban certain kinds of magnets. It turns out a warning label isn’t enough for them. Apparently the 25 children that were injured as a result of ingesting these magnets are significant enough casualties of the act of consuming the magnets that the magnets must be banned.

So ask yourself this: will children be able to ride bicycles in the future?

While that might make for an odd (and boring) premise for a science fiction novel, it very well could happen. According to CDC numbers for bicycle injuries, >250,000 children end up in the emergency room every year. More than 350 children die each year from bicycle accidents. That’s 10,000x more injuries and infinitely more deaths from bicycles than magnets.

You’ve been warned. We’re making progress. Soon there will be no bicycles.

-JD Cross

PS: contemplate this irony: how many of the people who are of the belief that the CPSC ought to be doing things like banning magnets to save lives are also of the belief that the the world is overcrowded?