The Lennons are speaking out against fracking in NY.

Mark Perry blogs:

8. New York might not allow fracking in its state, but it sure likes to guzzle down frack-produced natural gas from Pennsylvania and other states.  John Hanger points out that NY’s natural gas consumption increased 18.6% in the first half of 2012, and it consumes 10% more than neighboring Pennsylvania, and points out the following hypocrisy:

“New York guzzles gas everyday and supports fracking with its purchases, whether or not it does its part to meet America’s energy needs.”

So here’s a question for Sean and Yoko: Do you use energy? If the answer is yes, then one ought to marvel at the hypocrisy of their demanding that fracking not happen in NY. For, if they are using energy, and they live in NY (where at least one of their houses is located), then that consumption is driving the overall market for energy in NY. And if that’s true, then the above quote is meaningful inasmuch as their consumption of energy, whether it is in the form of natural gas or not, drives somebody else’s use of natural gas. That is: the Lennon’s use of any kind of energy in NY contributes to the overall need for NY to import and use natural gas, the very form of energy that the Lennons are protesting against.

Maybe the Lennons are just against fracking in their backyard. But if this is true then anybody in Pennsylvania could be (and probably ought to be) mad as hell that the Lennons care so little about contributing to the destruction of Pennsylvania (because this is what the Lennons claim will happen in NY if fracking is allowed there).

-JD Cross