A friend of mine alerted me to this article by Sean Lennon in the NYT regarding fracking  in New York State.

The title of the article is wonderfully ironic: “Destroying Precious Land to Drill for Gas”. The land is valuable precisely because there is gas under it. Before there was gas under the land (before it was discovered and suitable extraction methods were discovered) it wasn’t worth as much. So it’s a bit odd to say that fracking for gas is destroying “precious” land.

It gets even better – and by better I mean more detached from reality (yes, this is Sean Lennon, as in Yoko Ono’s son).

He says this of his research into what has happened in Pennsylvania regarding fracking: “I looked into Pennsylvania, where hundreds of families have been left with…[an] irreversible decline in property value”. Anybody want to wager a guess as to what would happen if, as Sean would have it, the government swooped in and declared fracking illegal? Yes, an irreversible decline in property values.

And finally, the Lennon’s have spearheaded a group to enact just such property-value destroying legislation. “To try to counteract this, my mother and I have started a group called Artists Against Fracking.” What those artists ought to do if they really wanted to protect the land would be to buy the land. Then, they could do whatever they wanted with it. Then, everybody’s property rights would be preserved. Everybody would get what they wanted.

But alas, the heavy hand of government is desired to come in and crush one side. I suppose the irony is lost on Sean Lennon that it is exactly the government that he and his father rail(ed) against that he now wants to save the family farm.

-JD Cross