One of the topics brought up in Evolve, Part 2: Incentives is the injustice of ex post facto law. Loosely interpreted, ex post facto law is a law which is retroactive: someone or something is punished for having broken a law which, at the time it was “broken”, did not exist. Ex post facto laws are highly controversial, as they should be. But they exist. It was one of the aspects of the Evolve that I believed to be most in the category of “science fiction” or requiring a suspending of disbelief (and this, mind you, in a book about humans deliberately mutating their genomes to become superhuman).

Well, science fiction it is not. BO, yes, that BO, is levying anti-dumping tariffs on solar panel makers. Don B has an excellent commentary (and as always, masterfully short). Not only is the law retroactive (ex post facto), and as such highly unethical and unjust, but the law is also anti-environment (if you consider wasting money on solar cells, in general, to be pro-environment) and anti-consumer. BO is not a champion of the little man. He is not a champion of business. He is a crony, like all others who have held the office in this era of big government, and as such he will ensure that his buddies get more than their fair share of profits.

-JD Cross