EJ Dionne offers more from his interview with Elizabeth Warren. I blogged on the column that resulted from the interview recently. Now, there is more to say.

First, on Obamacare, EJ Dionne has this to say (I = EJ Dionne, her = Warren):

“I was struck by her comments on the Affordable Care Act because she is arguing that Democrats have been reluctant to claim and defend the act as a major achievement, and that this is a mistake. Warren believes (and I happen to agree) that the law is not only a substantial accomplishment, but also provides a foundation for further improvements in the American health care system. For too long, many of those who supported and voted for the act have been reluctant to talk about it. This is changing in the campaign because faced with Republican promises to repeal the act, Democrats have discovered that reminding voters of what they would lose if the disappeared is good politics. And for the long run, it is good policy to make the case for expanding on and improving the law rather than scrapping it. “

By “good policy” I can only assume that EJ Dionne means buying votes. That is, Dems are starting to realize that Obamacare is a massive vote buy and they’re starting to realize that they need all the help they can in November.

Second, there is a long passage about Warren and religion. It begins with this note by Dionne: “As for her religious commitments, few among either her supporters or her detractors know how important these have been to Warren, and how they shape her political approach.”

Two comments: 1) It is always scary to hear that anybody’s political approach has been shaped by religion. 2) Religion? What century are we in? People still believe in ghosts and magic and angels (oh my)?

-JD Cross