Wired.com has an opinion piece on AT&T’s recent decision to (attempt to) block FaceTime for customers with certain subscription plans. I don’t care about the details of the subscription plans that are included in the block or not; I don’t care about the FCC’s regulations or Net Neutrality. I care about what makes sense in a free market. And what AT&T’s doing should be allowed.

Here’s the final statement from Wired.com (there are a few other similar statements that I could have pulled from the article, but this one is most direct):

“Don’t let AT&T tell you how you can use the device and data you paid for.”

Say what? AT&T owns everything that enables customers to use mobile devices in particular ways. Wired is saying: AT&T ought not to be allowed to actually own what it does own. It ought to be forced to use what it own in certain ways prescribed by others. What is the equivalent to? It’s equivalent to forced prostitution. It’s equivalent to slavery. Indeed, such is the nature of all regulation that prescribes or restricts the way in which consumers and producers are able interact with one another. There are other options: if consumers don’t like AT&T’s new policy they can freely change. But no, Wired.com (and many others) would prefer to force AT&T into slavery and force AT&T to behave a certain way. Utterly disgusting.

-JD Cross