EJ Dionne made me laugh heartily today with this mischaracterization of Elizabeth Warren’s stupid “you didn’t build that” tirade:

“Warren’s off-the-cuff statement on the subject a year ago was so eloquent that it went instantly viral.”

No EJ, it wasn’t eloquent. It was stupid. And then it was stupidly repeated by BO.

Not much point here other than to say this EJ made me laugh. Maybe he can inadvertantly bring joy to your day, too.

Oh, and if you read the entire EJ piece you’ll find that he analyzes the MA senate race very oddly (read: wrongly). He seems to think that Brown has a lead over Warren purely because Brown is “Mr. Personality”. Uh, huh. You just keep thinking that and saying that as the mouthpiece of the progressives and I’m pretty sure I’ll be quite pleased when November 7 rolls around.

-JD Cross