There is a boring debate being waged amongst interesting people on Facebook. That the people are interesting, I guess, makes the boring debate interesting.

The debate: Yammer CEO (Yammer was recently bought by Microsoft) thinks that Silicon Valley is going to die because it will run out of ideas.

Why is this boring? Because it is no true. History shows that it’s not true. And the present emphasizes that it’s not true: there are more new ideas now than ever in the past.

But, since this Yammer guy and Marc Andreessen and others in the Silicon Valley world are participating in the debate – wasting their time – then I guess the debate is interesting.

If you read the article, note the utter lack of creativity of the Yammer CEO, David Sacks, in thinking about possible new ideas. He talks about CRM, he talks about Uber, he talks about not wanting to compete with Bezos, Zuckerman, etc. But the thing is: the next creative ideas will be ideas that NOBODY has today. They will be things that nobody thinks are worthwhile or interesting or worth any time or money. Remember, Facebook didn’t exist 10 years ago and wasn’t popular until 3 years ago. It was a non-existent and then sort of stupid idea before then. The same goes for ALL new ideas. They are dumb until they aren’t. It’s not about competing with Bezos or Zukerman. It’s about competing with nobody. It’s about being creative. It’s about being so creative that you’re crazy and having virtually nobody believe that your idea is worth anything…until it is.

-JD Cross

PS: Note the URL includes the “URL title” “sad-sacks”. Yes. David Sacks is a sad sack for not realizing how uncreative he is.