I am very happy that Mitt picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. Now, I am actually excited about this election. Now, this election should end up being about what I believe matters most: taking a serious swipe at entitlements.

We need less entitlements across the board. They constitute the largest category of government spending. (For the first approximately 150 years of the existence of this country they did not exist.) We are all Greeks (in a decade? in two? for sure at some point in our lifetimes) with our current entitlement programs. We need to hack away at them. We need to become more responsible for our own actions. Entitlements prevent responsibility. They preclude rational thought and volition. Paul Ryan is one of very few politicians that freely speaks against them. He’s not perfect. But he’s better than most. Maybe he’s as good as it gets at the national level.

Now I’m excited.

Now, I have to start getting ready for disappointment in November.

-JD Cross