One of the things that gets written about a lot in Evolve is the fact (and it is a fact) that everybody has their own goals, dreams, motivations, biases, agenda. This is true of the doctor who may be more interested in money than saving lives (though the two are NOT necessarily mutually exclusive) or the scientist more interested in making money than discovering the truth (and here the two may be more mutually exclusive than in the previous case, though they certainly need not be). Having an agenda at odds with a “job description” is particularly true of any government job. Why? Because elected officials are always primarily interested in getting elected (which is never in the job description) and rank and file or appointees are not under the same kind of competitive pressures that their private sector counterparts are; and this lack of competitive pressure allows for more…uh…creativity and divergence in stated deliverables and actual deliverables.

This guy probably could have prevented the recent tragedy in Wisconsin. He was fired. He was fired because the Dept. of Homeland Security had/has an agenda and that agenda is not equivalent to the department’s “job description” (its mission or mandate or raison d’être). Note that this is NOT, in general, a conservative, far-right issue. This happens just the same when the agenda is skewed in the opposite direction. It happens when the agenda is skewed in any direction. And these agendas get skewed whenever there is mission drift and mission drift is much easier in the public sector than the private sector.

-JD Cross