Here’s a really interesting article on the guy who ran the 2010 census for the US. He has a very interesting perspective on the entire undertaking. Well worth the read.

Late in the article he offers a very short reason – but no longer one is needed – on why the US ought NOT to have a census.

“If the ACS were not mandatory, Groves said, many people would toss the questionnaires out with the junk mail. Then it would cost tens of millions of dollars more to gather data accurate enough to be used for planning.”

Planning – central planning, government planning – is not something the country should be doing. Therefore, no census needed. (And the rest of the article actually describes how most/all of the census data collected by the government is already collected by private parties that do have a legitimate need for gathering and reporting this data. So the data is available, and it is available to the people that ought to have it.)

-JD Cross