Oscar is racing on carbon fiber legs at the Olympics. I won’t go into the details of the science as laid out in the Wired article (linked in previous sentence), nor engage in the nature of the debate about whether those legs confer an advantage or not. The reason I avoid this debate is because it is completely beside the point. The point? The point: that in the Olympics – and more to the point, in life – we should celebrate the best achievements. The best achievements. It ought not to matter how those achievements are made. We ought to give athletes in the Olympics and athletes in the game of life all the tools possible to achieve everything possible. The extent to which we cripple athletes by, say, declaring performance enhancing drugs illegal cripples achievement. It cripples us in life as well. How much longer lives could we live if we had the science of 100 years of using performance enhancing drugs to call on for next, and next-next, and next-next-next generation therapies? It will remain a question without an answer as long as EPO, HGH, steroids, carbon fiber legs, and any and all performance enhancing technology remains illegal or against the rules of the game.

If the above paragraph strikes you as interesting, then you should read Evolve. The entire book addresses the question: how much better would our lives be if we were free to choose?

I want to live forever. And I do not care one bit about what the technology is that allows me to do that.

-JD Cross