George Will has a good (largely historical) commentary on the importance (for freedom) of Ted Cruz’ victory in Texas. A must read for all citizens of constitutional democracies.

Here’s a choice paragraph (which includes a quip about why recall elections are so destructive to the very foundation of rational government):

“Today, many of the tea party’s academic despisers portray it as anti-democratic and anti-intellectual. Actually, it stands, as did the forgotten heroes of 1912, with Madison, the most intellectually formidable Founder. He created, and the tea party defends, a constitutional architecture that does not thwart democracy but refines it, on the fact that in a republic, which is defined by the principle of representation, the people do not directly decide issues, they decide who will decide. And the things representatives are permitted to decide are strictly circumscribed by constitutional limits on federal power.”

-JD Cross