I find this very odd: apparently Wikileaks has won a lawsuit that will force a credit card payment processor to process payments/donations to the organization even though the company does not want to.

I guess property rights don’t mean much in Iceland. Curious to know what the judge would say if the company just unplugged the network and walked away. Would the judge order them to plug it back in (I suppose the answer is yes since that’s basically what already happened)? What if the employees all quit and the company dissolved; would the judge order them back to work and recreate the company?

Note that this is exactly the same series of questions that can be asked of anybody who claims that health care (or any other good/service) is a right. For example: what if there are no doctors? What if there aren’t enough doctors? What if the doctors don’t want to work? What if the doctors don’t want to perform a specific procedure? etc.

-JD Cross