If you’re a modern day politician, your job is basically to make sure that you keep your job. You don’t do much that’s constructive (like actually doing nothing), and what you do do essentially amounts to securing enough votes so that in 2, 4, or 6 years you will get to keep your job. That’s a very odd job description.

Here is Don B’s take on it (excerpted fully):

… in today’s Wall Street Journal, Michael Boskin recommends that Pres. Obama read The Wealth of Nations.  It’d be nice if Mr. Obama did so, but let’s face facts squarely: nothing that in great book will help Mr. Obama win re-election – andthat fact is his top and trumping priority.”

The only way to solve this problem is to starve the beast (of funds and legislative power) until the beast is too weak to do anything of use. Then, there is no reason to lobby the beast and everybody will just leave it alone. This is essentially the outcome that Senator Joseph Ivy strives for once he is thrust into office.

-JD Cross