Silly fantasy scenario: who would you have a conversation/dinner/lunch/etc. with if you could pick anybody?

A serious contender for the #1 spot on that list for me is Mike Munger, Mungowitz. (Update: A number of long time friends have asked me if I’m considering Neil Peart…yes I am. Munger is that good that he could potentially bump Peart into the #2 spot.)

This article is why (article is about Obamacare). The reasoning is perfect. Maybe subtle, maybe complex (depending upon how deep your own brain is), but perfect. And the kicker: he closes with a definitive statement about right and wrong (namely, that if you don’t agree with him then you’re not a bad person but you are wrong. And, yes, Mike Munger IS right.)

Mike and Chuck Silberman would probably get along pretty well.

-JD Cross