I had to laugh (the sad laugh of irony) when I read the following words – Lance Armstrong’s words – in a WaPo article on the USADA charges against Armstrong (this is from a letter that is Lance’s response to USADA):

“USADA’s overly expansive view of its own authority — not to mention smug self-regard — undoubtedly explains its threadbare charging document, its arrogant and craven refusal to disclose its evidence, and its complacent expectation that the Review Board will not hold it accountable,” the letter stated.”

Yes, well Lance, you could do something about this “expansive view of […] authority”. Namely, you could refuse to allow yourself to be goverened by USADA’s rules and go pro-performance, pro-drug, pro-pro.

USADA might be expansive and “smug” but that is all and only what every regulatory agency ever is. These are beasts that can do nothing save grow and consume anything and everything in their path. All such agencies are the same – whether they are ostensibly in the public sector or private sector. Such is the irony behind the laugh: that Lance does not realize this – that he allows himself to be “governed” by an agency he denounces – is to be expected but is still tragic. Lance has the power to change this. Will he? Probably not.

If you want courage and pro-human role models you’ll need to turn to the characters in Evolve. Athena Tucker and Myrada Fisher are real heroes. They redefine what it means to be human and in the process make all humans’ lives better.

-JD Cross