An excellent article in the NYT about the total fraud that is social “science”. Specifically this writer writes about political science and why it’s not science and shouldn’t be treated (funded) as such. The same reasoning applies to the other pseudo sciences.

Here’s a key paragraph:

“Alas, little has changed. Did any prominent N.S.F.-financed researchers predict that an organization like Al Qaeda would change global and domestic politics for at least a generation? Nope. Or that the Arab Spring would overthrow leaders in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia? No, again. What about proposals for research into questions that might favor Democratic politics and that political scientists seeking N.S.F. financing do not ask — perhaps, one colleague suggests, because N.S.F. program officers discourage them? Why are my colleagues kowtowing to Congress for research money that comes with ideological strings attached?”

Or, as I always say: complex systems are complex; the future is hard to predict when humans are involved.

-JD Cross