Here is a letter to the WaPo from a reader with the title “Still waiting for our first black president”.

If it isn’t obvious from the title, this reader is not happy with BO. Why not? Because BO hasn’t given him, presumably a black man based upon the contents of the letter, anything. No, seriously, he says so:

“Maybe with a President Romney, blacks will again realize that nothing is given to us — on either end of the political spectrum. Barack Obama talked a good game to get our overwhelming support the last time.”

Very odd, I think. This man is asking for his vote to be bought and purely along racist grounds. I wonder if he thinks he is helping his “cause” (whatever that might be)? This is political disgustingness at its peak. This isn’t a politician dressed in sheep’s clothing try to coyly buy votes through the budgetary tactic of spend now, never pay (but pretend to pay later). No, this is a voter who is flat out saying: I’m black, and because I’m black, I want to support a black guy, but only if that black guy gives me stuff. This is racism mixed with a heavy dose of vote buying – two of the most irrational things that can plague a mind.

-JD Cross