Walker retains the governership in Wisconsin as the result of what can only reasonably be described a crushing defeat of Tom Barrett. Note that Walker beat Barrett for the second time. And note that it was those who were stunningly defeated last night that sought the rematch.

The people have spoken and they want fiscal discipline. Power has gone to those who would end special favors being handed out in back room deals to once-legally entrenched special interests. This is a great day for democracy not because the right guy won, but because the guy who won not only wants to lessen the power of government over people’s lives (constrain government) but has actually done it! It is a great day for democracy because government got smaller.

For the opposition, the losers, there is no way this can be interpreted as anything other than a crushing, devastating defeat. The headlines before the race have to be remembered after the race; and doing so evokes the magnitude of the failure. Katrina van den Heuvel. EJ Dionne. The running commentary of the NYT on election night before the results were called. The battle was elevated to monumental importance. Thus, the defeat is monumental. Record numbers of voters turned out and all commentators agreed that if many voters turned out it would be good for Barrett. And Barrett lost.

The people have spoken. Twice.

Congratulations reason for finally starting to claw your way back into some people’s psyches.

-JD Cross

Updated: this Yahoo! article notes that in steel cage death math part 2, Walker won by an even bigger margin (as %) than in the part 1. Wow. The labor movement is not just intellectually bankrupt, but also cannot even muster support when its life is on the line.