You can’t sell caskets in Louisiana without a special license. Ah, the wonders of special interest groups lobbying government to prevent free men from trading freely.

Here’s a key glimpse into the ridiculousness of the law:

“The Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, which has argued that the law protects consumers, has appealed, and the circuit court in New Orleans will hear the case in early June.”

The law protects consumers? From what? Getting quality-made, low-cost boxes rather than the alternative, high-cost boxes from the special interest group. Regulations NEVER help consumers. Even if (and this is a big if) a regulation perfectly has a consumer’s interests in mind, at the margin the regulation is still harmful to consumers (in general) because there is at least one consumer that would pay just a bit less for the product in the the product’s non-regulated state. That is: regulation always drives prices up above their non-regulated price and there is always at least one consumer that is worse off as a result.

Let free men trade freely!

-JD Cross