A NYT article on recent efforts to require labeling of genetically modified foods. There is no evidence that these foods pose any danger to humans. Speculation that they might is pure speculation. It is destructive in every possible way. It is an epistemological bankruptcy. It is the equivalent of the green goblin. Can you prove that there is not a green goblin standing behind you who always turns invisible when you look for him? No. So why do you believe that there is a green goblin behind you?

This debate is straight out of Evolve, Part 1: Unintended Consequences. It’s the reason why AGR CEO Neil Cohen was reluctant to allow his scientists to develop a cure for cancer. Fighting against GMOs is a good way to ensure that there will, in reality, never be a cure for cancer.

Here is an illustrative quote from the NYT article:

““It just makes me nervous when you take genetic matter from something else that wouldn’t have been done in nature and put it into food,” said Ms. LaPier, 44, a mental health counselor whose guerrilla labeling was inspired by the group Label It Yourself. She worries that her daughter, 5, could one day suffer ill effects like allergies.”

Ms. LaPier, your daughter has more significant things to worry about than GMOs, chief amongst which is the very real possibility that, as your daughter, she grows up to be as stupid as you are.

-JD Cross