George Will has a lovely article on the continued absurdity known as Elizabeth Warren. It’s also a scathing attack on modern liberalism. In short, it’s brilliant Will at his best.

On Warren, Will rightly writes:

“Now she is a comic figure associated with laughable racial preferences. She who wants Wall Street “held accountable” is accountable for two elite law schools advertising her minority status. She who accuses Wall Street of gaming the financial system at least collaborated with, and perhaps benefited from, the often absurd obsession with “diversity.””

On liberalism, Will rightly notes:

“This makes perfect sense to a liberal subscriber to the central superstition of the diversity industry, which is the premise of identity politics: Personhood is distilled not to the content of character but only to race, ethnicity, gender or sexual preference.”

Harriett McGrady? Senator Beal? Are Will’s words taken from Joseph Ivy’s condemnation of the HEAL Act? No. But they’re close, so check out Evolve and find out how life imitates art.

-JD Cross