And being honest about it is harder. And Steve Chu is a jackass.

A solar firm, Amonix, is laying off 76 workers. The layoffs are permanent:

“”All of the layoffs referenced in this letter will be permanent,” read the notice, seen by VentureWire.”

Here’s what gets Steve Chu his title:

“[Amonix] opened a manufacturing and office facility in Seal Beach in 2008. It also built a manufacturing facility in Nevada, which Energy Secretary Steven Chu visited and hailed as a creator of “permanent jobs,” according to a Department of Energy blog post from the time.”

Those -76 jobs won’t be used to generate anything like a “real” or revised census of the # of jobs created (or destroyed) by stimulus spending. The government will just go on acting and reporting as if those jobs exist. These jobs #s that the govt. produces are always bogus.

Not all data is created equal. Not all data is data.

-JD Cross