The WaPo has a decent (albeit bland) editorial on the need for the FDA to approve drugs more quickly.

Yes, the FDA should approve drugs more quickly. The cost of not doing so is lives lost.

Better yet, get rid of the FDA. The FDA does not ensure that drugs have no side effects. The FDA does not ensure that drugs will not harm certain people. The FDA does none of the things that most people believe the FDA does. The FDA just costs a lot of money and slows down or prevents the route to market of new drugs. People lose their lives or lead worse lives than they otherwise might as a result.

Individuals and doctors and the market are perfectly capable of self-regulating. We know this to be true from every industry that is not regulated. Consumer electronics is a good example. Computers, televisions, BluRay players function the way they are supposed to; they are inexpensive; they are high quality; there is constant innovation; and the products are all unregulated. If televisions regularly exploded and caused houses to catch fire, then they would no longer be sold. Self – that is, free market – regulation works. Regulatory bodies like the FDA create a false sense of security. They are counterproductive on a number of levels.

Read more on this topic throughout the entirety of Evolve. The entire trilogy’s plot is focuses on what would happen if there were more or less drug market regulation.

-JD Cross