Reuters reports on the myriad performance enhancing drugs available to Olympic athletes that are undetectable by the kinds of tests used to screen the athletes.

Rather than lament the new drugs that are available, we should be celebrating them. These drugs make humans better. They make humans healthier, stronger, fitter. We should be celebrating their use in top athletes. We should be encouraging their use by any who would take them and allow data to be collected on just how and how effectively these drugs make humans better at being human – living longer, healthier lives.

Let’s give everybody – athlete and spectator alike – what they want: legal performance enhancing drugs. Don’t handicap the top athletes by limiting what they can do to be amazing. Let them go for the gold using every means available. We’ll all be better off, both in terms of being entertained by awesomeness and in the technological innovations that migrate from the games into daily healthcare products.

If you love this post or hate this post you should read Evolve. One of the novel’s key plots is the morality and effects of letting top athletes dope and the benefits and consequences of that doping to biotechnology and healthcare in general.

-JD Cross