I find the recent news of the Secret Service prostitution scandal to be dull. I’m writing about it, however, because the extent to which it is a scandal (not as evidenced by the news outlets reporting on it (they have a job to do after all) but by the fact that people are losing their jobs and very powerful people are saying and doing a lot of things about it) is an indication of the fact that people don’t recognize that other people are people too.

People have goals, desires, dreams, ambitions, incentives, motives, and a myriad other strings pulling them in a thousand directions every second. Think that doctor is acting in her patients’ best interests? Think that politician is acting for the “will of the people”? Think that serviceman is acting for his country? Think again. They’re actors for themselves first and foremost, whatever noble or ignoble or righteous or self-righteous things they might actually do.

Nobody is above these thousand existing and conflicting impulses. F = MA for a human in her environment is too complicated to pen, let alone understand or solve. Why do we fool ourselves into thinking otherwise? Why do we entrust people with trust and power with the hope that they’re different? That their job compels them to be different?

Everybody poops, a fact everybody should remember.

-JD Cross