And what they – the voters – want is not honesty, candor, frankness, plain-talk.

This WaPo article elucidates with respect to Santorum’s candidacy. Here’s a key paragraph:

“His candid comments and unconventional moves were badges of authenticity in the early contests, but they now raise doubts about Santorum’s capacity to be his party’s standard-bearer in the general election.”

Why are “candid comments” raising doubt about Santorum’s capacity to be the nomination? Because that’s not the kind of stuff voters vote for. Voters vote for pandering, obscurity, the hope that the candidate means what he says when he says what the voters want to hear but maybe not what he says when he says something else.

There is huge information asymmetry and opportunity cost in obtaining knowledge and voting. Candidates that win, win because they exploit these voter-faced challenges. Exploitation usually involves vagueness.

Sheila Beal understands this. Joseph Ivy was lucky.

-JD Cross