He’s name calling and he should be careful.

Specifically he’s defending his “green” energy policies and claiming that Rep. opposition to those policies is akin to saying that the world is flat.

Two facts that are going to sink BO’s ship:

1) the economics of “green” energy are horrible, the corollary of which is that “green” energy is wasteful, the meaning of which is that “green” energy is bad for the environment.

2) no matter what you think about the climate change data, the jury is out on anything resembling causality. This means that comparing climate science to geography (i.e., saying climate science is akin to saying the world is round, not flat) is akin to saying Gallileo was wrong about the earth going around the sun because most people thought it false. Look, majority rule may work in politics but it does not work in nature.

-JD Cross