Here’s a great article in the WaPo that highlights everything that is wrong with the current political culture. Note that I didn’t say politics or politicians. I said political culture and what I mean by that is the beliefs and attitudes that many (most, all?) individuals have toward their fellow man vis-a-vis politics and governing laws.

Washington, OK is the town described in the article and I have to say that I pretty much disagree with everything that the town seems to stand for (as described in the article and with the caveat that towns cannot “stand for” anything, only the people in the town can stand for anything. But, the majority of the people in the town seem to agree with each other and thus the town has a pretty unified belief base in its population.), and yet I have no problem with them existing and doing whatever it is they want to do in Washington, OK. I don’t have to live there. And assuming that they don’t forcibly restrict any of their residents from leaving, don’t violate basic human rights and civil liberties, and freely engage in trade with the rest of the state and country, they aren’t violating any fundamental principle of the Constitution.

So why must they fight so hard to defend their right to their (non-harmful) beliefs and traditions? It is because the political culture of the country would forcibly change them. The political culture wants every individual to be the same individual. That culture wants a strong Federal government and wants to destroy state and local sovereignty.

What happened to voting with one’s feet? Can’t be done with a strong, overreaching Federal government that completely disregards the Constitution. Voting with one’s feet can only happen when states and smaller municipalities have sovereignty over the Federal government. People can only escape the tyranny of the majority when the Constitution is strongly defended from assault.

There are peaceful, productive people living in Washigton, OK that I completely disagree with and I don’t care. I don’t care as long as they don’t impose on me their beliefs. And they won’t be able to as long as the Constitution is protected. But the Constitution isn’t protected. So the political culture is that MY group must win the Presidency so that MY group is in charge and can impose its will on others. Without a Constitution political culture is a war of us versus them. It is the loudest man wins; the man with the biggest stick wins; the man with the most followers wins.

The political culture is absolutely disgusting.

-JD Cross