The Mexican bridge is, apparently, “an experiment in social engineering as much as a structural one.”

The government is trying to socioeconomically reshape a region. Yeah, good luck with that.

Whenever I read about this kind of socioeconomic engineering I always think about the number of places/local governments that say: we’re going to build the next Silicon Valley (referring to their efforts to foster economic development by creating a “startup friendly” environment). How many of these efforts are successful? Well, ask yourself: how many Silicon Valleys are there?

Yes: the answer is 1.

Social engineering fails because it is hard. It is hard because humans are involved. Humans have their own incentives, their own desires, their own motivations. They’re not always rational. They’re never predictable.

Good luck Mexico. I’m pretty sure you just dumped $1.5B down the drain. Easy enough to find out: we’ll just check back in a few years and see how the “experiment” is going.

-JD Cross