Here is Microsoft’s vision of the future. Pretty cool if you ask me. Maybe not truly revolutionary, but I dare say, we live in a time of so much cool new stuff coming at us so quickly, that our “cool meters” are pretty much overloaded and desensitized. That’s supercool if you ask me.

Side note: This is a MSFT prediction…we’ll see if they’re right or not.

On another side note, for all you corporation bashers out there: Microsoft is investing for 5, 10, 20 years into the future. They’re investing to make products that will make our lives better. They’re employing people to try to predict the future and then make it happen. Tell, me, what is it about this that you hate? Oh, and just keep in mind that while you’re telling me why you hate these guys, you’re doing it on products that you willingly bought from them.

-JD Cross