The Reich Knows What’s Best For You

Robert Reich (screenshot from Facebook) doing what he does best: presuming to know more about what’s best for you than you do (note the condescension in his declaring that most/all Americans are gullible).

So, the question is: who’s the bigger conman, Reich or Trump?

robert reich the conman

-JD Cross


Predictions: 538 July 19

Here’s what fivethirtyeight has as of July 19:


fivethrityeight July 19.png

Predictions: Times 76% Clinton Victory

I’m going to post election predictions here so that we can look back in November and see just how bad at predicting the future people are.

This is from the front page of on July 19.

NYT 76percent Clinton Victory.png

Theft? More likely the laziness – and effectiveness – of platitudes

Did Melania Trump (or her speechwriters) steal Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech?

The internet seems to think so.

But is it really theft when we hear these phrases, in all possible permutations of words, from about the time we’re 5 years old until we’re…well…dead.

These phrases are platitudes. They are used by our parents, our coaches, our politicians. They are used to inspire. Every time they are uttered, they sound profound. They sound uplifting. Because of this, everybody utters this drivel. Senator Beal is guilty. Senator Ivy is probably guilty, too.

Here’s my question: what does it say of the electorate and the political process that these platitudes are and can be used to sway voters?

-JD Cross

Joseph Ivy’s Inaugural Address

George Will pens a Joseph Ivy inaugural address.

A snippet:

My fellow Americans, brevity is not only the soul of wit and the essence of lingerie, it is, on occasions such as this, polite. You who are arrayed in front of me, losing the feeling in your feet as you stand on the frozen Mall, should be spared a long soliloquy by someone who, as a presidential candidate, inflicted on you an excruciating amount of talk.

-JD Cross


Vote while drunk

From George Will’s column:

This refers to the once-in-a-generation, light-the-sparklers opportunity to choose between two presidential candidates roundly disliked by American majorities. It is enough to drive one to drink something stronger than beer.

Remember, the only thing more ineffectual than voting is voting while drunk. Oh, no, wait…they’re both equally effectual at…doing whatever it is that votes do in a de facto majority rule democracy.

-JD Cross



Fighting for ? No matter, just fight.

For all the complaints about Donald Trump inciting violence amongst his supporters, I have yet to see a Trump campaign sign or slogan that actually promotes violence.

Hillary, however…

One must be careful when treading near the First Amendment.


inciting violence


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