The courage to thank the right “creator”

An excellent article about reality versus religion.

-JD Cross

CAF Victory!

The IRS has gotten smacked down in one of its attempts to seize the assets of a business owner.

This is a great day for freedom and justice.

-JD Cross

The Geniuses in the Room

Here’s an interesting article that more or less argues that the Fed has caused a bubble that is about to pop in the energy sector.

Here, I don’t want to speculate that the author of this article nor any of the commentators quoted therein are correct or incorrect. Similarly, I don’t want to argue that the Fed has or has not created a bubble (never mind that the concept of a bubble is almost certainly something that cannot be known in advance; it is probably a concept that only has meaning when viewing the past).

No, what I want to argue is that nobody has any clue what’s going on. These are (mostly) all smart people, both those who claim that the Fed has screwed up as well as those who claim the Fed isn’t or hasn’t done enough as well as the Fed governors themselves. But the system is way too complex. It’s too complex to be controlled, and it’s too complex to be predictable. Complex systems are, after all, complex.

In short, everybody is wrong. All the geniuses are wrong.

-JD Cross

Public anti-Servants

George Will has a good article on Eric Garner but the real gem is Will’s quoting of Douglas Husak of Rutgers on the nature of legislation and legislators:

“Officials who fail to take into account the obvious fact that the laws they’re so eager to pass will be enforced at the point of a gun cannot fairly be described as public servants.”

Government is violence, which is precisely why it – government – must be kept as small as possible. Officials who legislate are always playing with fire; legislation grows government and in doing so increases the likelihood that violence is perpetuated by the state against the citizenry. Such is the nature of government. If so call public servants do not understand this – and nearly none do – then they cannot properly be called public servants. Rather, they are embodiment of destruction and evil.

Joseph Ivy understands this and does any politician who predominantly says “No”. Sheila Beal does not.

-JD Cross

Power to the Meeple

Election 2014 yielded the worst voter turnout in 72 years.

So what?

It’s not obvious to me that this is bad. In fact, if the 36% of people (averaged across the national electorate) who did vote were representative of the population as a whole, then more people voting WOULD NOT HAVE MATTERED.

Two questions for people appalled by low voter turnout:

1) Why is having more people vote better?

2) Why is making it easier to vote better?

I can think of no compelling answers to either question*. Or, put differently, low voter turnout doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Actually, it makes me hopeful because maybe the reason people don’t vote is because they realize their time is more valuable than the time it takes to educate themselves about voting and then actually vote.

-JD Cross

* A compelling answer to question #1 might be: because it would make it more likely that the voting population is statistically representative of the total population. But this is not a priori true**, nor is there any reason (that I know of) to think that the voting population isn’t already statistically representative of the total population.

** More voters might simply mean a more skewed voting demographic relative to the total population.

Hurray for Atheism

A nice article about the atheist movement attempting to do some justice vis-a-vis state constitutions.

And yes, it’s a front page story in the Times on Sunday.

The two best parts: the paragraph on Pennsylvania’s ridiculousness and the concluding paragraph in which Maryland’s minority whip is shown to be a moron.

-JD Cross

Peak Oil?

Crude oil closed at $67.17 for Jan 15 delivery on NYMEX today.

What say you, peak oil prognosticators?

Yeah…we’re never going to run out of oil.

Markets do an amazing job of ensuring that we never run out of stuff.

-JD Cross


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